Inspiring travel tale to become a travel blogger

A travelers tale to inspire you to follow your heart!

Watching a movie is one of my ‘Friday traditions’.. yes, this is what i call it and strictly abide by (and not like waking up early and gymming rules which remains as plans only) Well, here the story starts.. One such Friday night, I completed this beautiful movie, ‘We bought a zoo‘. In one of the scene Matt Damon tells his son –

You know, sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage, just literally 20 seconds of embarrassing bravery, and I promise you something great will come out of it.

I don’t know why and what happened to me but this point hit me as hard as bathing through chilling water in winters. The thoughts went on deeper leaving me numb.. only if someone had told me this earlier, my life would have been entirely different. The good and the evil faces of me started mocking me. I am not sure what happens as we get older, but it seems we get imprisoned in our comfort zone ending up having less courage to try new things.

I had an absolutely monotonous 9 to 5 cubicle job, all I wanted was to travel and write my stories. But whenever I thought of leaving my useless job and starting a new career to pursue my passion and hobbies, my mind rejected it with things like “I can’t afford to …” or “I want to but…” or “Its just not realistic for me to..” or “But what if…”. Probably I didn’t had the courage of doing something I love. And thats the hardest slap on your face when you realize that you don’t have enough rights to make a decision about your life to make it better. So I decided that now is the time I should listen to my heart for 20 seconds and typed my resignation. While sending, the moment I clicked the ‘Send’ button, I had my heart in my mouth. I knew things wouldn’t be the same ever again but I was happy for the choice I made. I planned everything while serving the notice period and the day after my imprisonment ended, I started my voyage.

Follow your heart - my workstation in the himalayas
My workstation in the Himalayas. Place – Cafe Illiterati, Mcleodganj.

I started a blog to share my travel stories. Now these travel stories & few part-time jobs pay for my trips and motivates me to write more and more. Life had been hard at times and who does not sees the ups and downs but things are much better now and I am glad that I took that life changing decision.

I didn’t write all this to sweep off the enlightenment award of your lives. I just want you to try those 20 seconds of your life, for yourself, for the insane courage because the secret of happiness lies in doing the thing that scares you but loves you too at the same time. Beat your fear. If what I did inspired you even a bit, then reopen the doors that you locked shut because of that fear. Do what you love, more often. Very often. In fact, daily. Make your life happier and simpler — not busier and more complicated.

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