Be the winter fashion diva this year!

I am a girl and I am a shopaholic! No stereotypes, please. Girls and shopping share a similar bond like milk and cornflakes, incomplete without each other. We just need as many useless excuses to spend our hard earned money  on looking better and better every day and its time to nail the winter fashion this time.

So sweethearts, hold your breaths, here is one another solid and valid reason to shop your hearts out. This time, to travel in winters! We have given almost a thousand thoughts on how sexy the flared knee length coats look, loved the way how cute and cozy the beanie hats look and absolutely adored the boldness of long winter boots. 

Without a moment’s delay, lets catch up on what’s latest and trendy for this travel season.


1) The magic of metallic hues

Women scarf winter fashion

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Metallics and grey black hues have always made our winters trendy and sensational. They look so ideal either casually or specially and the best thing about these is, they look good on everyone! Cheers to their perfection!

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2) The scarf love, to cherish

Coats blazers winter fashion

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Scarves.. the first love of ladies! (And probably the last, if guys wouldn’t have come in between) And why shouldn’t it be? They totally act as the confidence booster and beauty enhancer of the whole attire. Raise a toast for the love of scarves!

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3) The longing for long boots

Long boots winter fashion

Credits: Lookbook/Cuded/alizey.esi.s

The perfect pair of bold and sexy long boots is a kind prayer of every girl out there. The confidence they impart and the cosiness they provide your feet with does not have a match elsewhere. So girl, get ready to have that killing walk which makes people envious.

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4) The trendy and cozy beanies

Beanie hat winter fashion

Credits: weloveshopping/buyhathats/etsy

Those beanies and hats, which indeed make your vacations amazing but also brings out the cutie pie inside you. Protecting from sun and preventing from winters, they have a legitimate right of being a part of your wardrobe. Let them in this winter season!

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Good luck ladies, in being the winter fashion diva this year 🙂



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