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Remember the Blue Sparkling Ocean in ‘Life of Pie’ or ‘Avatar’!It’s Happening in India!

Remember the neon blue glowing ocean in the movie ‘Life of Pi’ or ‘Avatar’? Yes, it does happen for real! And it is happening in our very own Aamchi Mumbai(India) at the famous Juhu Beach.

At first when the news spread, people thought it would be a prank (especially in a country like India, where news and rumors cross each others lines like its normal) until they saw it with their own eyes which left them  awestruck . The sight is so mesmerizing for the viewers that they find it hard to believe that it is happening for real. One of the spectators said: “Wherever we placed our feet, the surrounding area started glowing. I saw it in movies but I didn’t even know it happens for real!”


Yes, there is some bit complicated science behind it as we expected. This phenomenon is called as the ‘blue waves’ or bioluminescence. It occurs due to the presence of special kind of phytoplanktons in the ocean. When they are washed ashore a kind of protein is activated, triggering a series of chemical reactions leading to the neon blue glow. And we definitely feel thankful to this occurrence that such an amazing sight could bless our lives! (No folks, don’t go a step ahead to offer your thanks by offering prasad in temples. That would be little too much!)  

This is not the first time that people are witnessing such kind of thing in India. It has been reported in Mumbai itself in January this year and in Lakshadweep before that. The need of the hour is to leave behind your tech gadgets and coming outside in the world of magical glowing water crystals.

 However, it doesn’t last long and is a rare phenomenon especially in India so hurry up! Head straight to the Juhu Beach and enjoy this nature’s beautiful gift in the most affordable way while you can!

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