Prevent motion sickness

6 tips to prevent travel sickness/nausea!

Even remembering the feeling of topsy-turvy-curvy drives to hill stations put us in the ‘chakravyuh’ (English jargon: Labyrinth) of never ending motion sickness cycle. To hell with the excitement of reaching the destination.. It feels like the world coming to end on the next turn. Still we have always kept on waiting for the next vacation plan, the perfect example of our courage and bravery! (All the disease-struck people, only you can relate this with)

Home remedies does come to our temporary rescue at this point. Licking lemon and salt, digesting hajmola, sucking on orange candies: This all seems the one and only way to divert our attentions from putting the guts out.

And with that, we are almost done with the sarcastic side of our sickness stories, it’s high time we should do something to make our travel situations better so that next time we are going on a vacation, the excitement remains intact and the nausea stays at bay!

Breathe fresh air


Its important to have cross ventilation and to breathe fresh air as much as possible. This will reduce the possibility of any suffocation and nausea.
Moving objects

Doing so will confuse your mind by sending wrong messages and you will feel sick. Hence, It is advisable to close your eyes and sleep. Do not read or watch some video.
Avoid heavy meals


Stay away from heavy meals and alcohol. It would be better if you avoid spicy or fatty food too. Stay hydrated but don’t have a high intake of liquids too.
Minimum motion


Choose a seat where you will experience the least motion. The front seat of a car, the middle of an airplane over the wing and the center of a ship are the most preferable areas.
Try home remedies


Ginger is a well known remedy to prevent motion sickness. Also, you can try mint gums and candies. These are believed to produce more saliva which reduces stomach acids.
Try medicines

If nothing else works for you and its unbearable, do reach out for medicines like Dramamine, Meclizine or Avomine. These medicines work 30 minutes after the intake. Make sure that you are not allergic to these.

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