Cassie DePecol

Traveling to 196 countries in the shortest span? She is on it!

“Passion” – Most of us are still clueless about what does it mean in context of our lives! And the other lot which have the good enough idea about it, are in the continuous struggle of making it an obvious reality of their world. Ever given a deep thought, how far can you go for your passion?

This girl beats us all! As of November mid this year(2016), she has visited 181 countries out of the total 196, and that too in the shortest span of time. She started following her traveling passion madly in July 2015 and has never looked behind after that.


Will probably go through one more of these bad boys before I finish #expedition196 💅🏽 #braggingrights

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Mind already prioritizing through the series of questions which popped immediately in the back head? What was her inspiration behind following this travel mania? How she must have managed her expenses? What difficulties she came across while this trivia? How does she feel after traveling so much? What experiences she has to share?
Hang on, guys! Little bit of patience didn’t hit anyone hard.

Cassie followed her dream on giving up on her ordinary life and traveling across the world, many of us spend our lives just giving thoughts about it! Seeking new adventures and experiences, she traveled to get more close to cultures, traditions, history and religions of other people and places.


New vlog coming up soon of my experience at #SonevaFushi in the Maldives! 🐬♻️

A photo posted by ᶜᴬˢˢᴵᴱ | ᴱˣᴾᴱᴰᴵᵀᴵᴼᴺ ¹⁹⁶ (@expedition_196) on

Her expedition till now has costed her around $ 198,00 and it had not been an easy journey for her to manage this large amount. Most of the money comes from her numerous sponsors. She has paid for her accommodation by promoting the hotel chains on her Instagram account which has considerable number of followers. Also, she visits many countries as a Peace Ambassador of the International Institute for Peace through Tourism, where she gets the opportunity to meet with dignitaries and even speak to student groups across the world.

On her way to making records, she is eyeing to beat Guinness’ World Record for “Fastest Time to Visit All Sovereign Nations.” Not only will she be the fastest person to ever complete a trip to all 195 sovereign nations, she will also be the first documented female ever to visit all sovereign nations.

Cheers to you Cassie!

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