New Year and Resolutions: Do something different this time!

The relation between “New year” and “It’s resolutions” is just like the honeymoon phase of a newly married couple.. where everything is full of craze and passion and it goes buttery smooth for the initial period but later on, fades away like the morning dew.. eventually but visibly!

So what? This hardly matters! Taking resolutions every year is our ritual and we just can’t stop continuing the tradition, but we definitely can make it better this time.

So how about the idea of adding experiences to your resolution list this time rather than spending time and money on luxuries?

Travel pins

Traveling is one of those things which leave you with much more than what it takes away. The lifetime memorable experiences, the joy of exploring and meeting new people, the fun mania of living a place, the satisfaction of knowing the local culture: these are a few to name. Travel yourself and see the wonders happening to your life.



Language is just a way of expressing your thoughts. And the expression of thoughts is probably the most important thing to tell people who you are and to know who they are. Learning another language is like becoming another person, seeing the world from their perspective. Learn a foreign language to see and observe how others feel about life!

Learn a foreign language like French, Spanish or German. You can take a free beginner’s course here



Ohh.. you got your passport? Lucky you! People spend half of their lives standing in queues and collating the right documents for it. But what’s the fun of having one if it is kept packed as if brand new inside your wardrobe? You are missing on the moments of your life which could have been far more precious and special than they are now.


Read Books

Reading a book is like taking a journey. A journey of your life, from your perspective, to make you a better you! Books have the power of making you unravel some other world sitting at the same place. Coz when a book falls open, you fall in! A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies! How many have you lived till now?

Some of the good-reads:

a) Vagabonding

    Buy it here

b) Eat Pray Love

    But it here

c) Into The Wild

    Buy it here

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