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Intellectual mind, pretty heart and a beautiful soul – It is for you, lady

Remember the time when your male friends used to pack their bags for an immediate vacation plan or the time when you had to say no to a trip just because no other girl was on board or the time when you couldn’t go to a place because all you friends have already been there!


Time to make things fall in the equation, Ladies!
The world out there is amazing ladies, and its waiting for us.. to follow our unfulfilled dreams, our never ending desires and our adorable passions. Tune in to your favorite track, sit back tight and feel the magical handpicked experience truly deserved and specially created for all you pretty sweetheart’s!

The Simplified and easier concept:

  • We will send 6 strangers(all girls)
  • To a road trip
  • To a Villa(specially handpicked)
  • At a serene destination

Connecting these dots will be your passion for the same thing!
Feel the Mesmerazzi, the secret ingredient we add to our trips to gift you an unforgettable journey with a lifetime of delightful memories! (Lets keep this a secret for sometime)

Why you should go for it?

  • To realize what you have been missing till now
  • To step forward to turn into a beautiful confident woman
  • Safer way to travel with freedom
  • To fall in love with yourself by knowing yourself a bit more, deep down
  • To write the most amazing chapter of your life
  • To follow your dreams, desires and passions
  • To meet new lovely people, who think just like you! And carrying the friendship for a lifetime.
  • To follow your heart and keeping everything aside
  • Take a break from your robotic routine
  • Creative minds need serene surroundings to flourish their thoughts or ideas

Saturday Early Morning:   And the clock has ticked 4. The journey starts!
Saturday Morning:   The destination is right in front of you, girls. Go get grab your favorite room
Saturday Afternoon:   Feel the best part of the trip, Mesmerazzi
Saturday Night:   The Local Market visit, a fun filled mania always
Sunday Morning:   The local favorite spots everyone brags about
Sunday Night:   And here’s the parting part, sad one but filled with pleasant memories and promises of next times!


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