Types of Traveler letusgoto

What type of traveler are you?

We classify all the travelers into 5 types. Checkout their short description and tell us in comments which type describes you best?

  1. The Planner – The guy whose travel plans are well executed after applying Bayes theorem, Permutations & Combinations and SWOT analysis on each aspect of transportation and sightseeing. He knows where he would stay, where he would eat and has 2 printout of all tickets. 1 to keep in his handbag and 1 for keeping in main luggage (in case the handbag is misplaced somewhere).

  2. The Escapist – The one finding hell lot of excuses everyday to escape away either from city’s pollution or  family’s pressure or girlfriend’s/ wife’s illegitimate demands or 9-5 boring IT job. And even when he comes back from the trip, he won’t take off the airline security tag from his luggage to feel like never returning back and still enjoying in the foreign lands.types-of-traveler-letsugoto

  3. The Budget Traveler – The guy who’s google history is like ‘How do camel survive in desert without food?’. He will always be having ‘chiller’ in his pocket but will still manage out a trip anyhow either by couch-surfing or eating langars in gurudwaras. He can always be seen in the “beg, borrow or steal” mode asking for lifts in the middle of road.
  4. The Group Traveler – The one who has seen ‘Zindagi na milegi dobara‘ and ‘Dil chahta hai‘ n+1 times. These ones travel only in group and where they are easier to spot. Wondering how? Their check ins, status and posts tell it all! ‘Daaru’ is the integral part of their ‘things to pack’. They are the fun filled and fun loving ones.
  5. The Solo Traveler – The one who believes that no-one has the right to spoil their travel plans and loves being with themselves. They feel so comforted in their own company. They are in no hurry and have ample time. This type also includes guys whose all friends back out at last minute but he sticks to the plan.

Now tell us which type describes you best?

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