7 things you will regret not doing in Auli!

People often say that first love cant be forgotten, the visitors of Auli have somewhat same saying about it. Auli can easily settle itself for being the first love of dreams and imaginations for any of its explorer. The place also immediately forms the sight of a skiing destination in everyone’s mind. Its so beautiful and picturesque that putting it into words is more than difficult. Auli is fully loaded with all the natural delicacies to content the serenity seeking human mind.

1. The dream-come-true Skiing destination


Enough of the walking spree’s , now is the time to wear your ski boots and give your feet an adrenaline rush of skiing where gravity will be handling your right and wrong moves. The white powdery trail left behind makes you feel no less of being on cloud nine and flying on the angelic land. Still in dilemmas? Let your experience speak it for you.


2. Mountaineering – Like never before


The ITBPF ( Indo Tibetan Border Police Force) mountaineering and skiing institute at Auli is one of the biggest marvels of the country. There can be no bigger privilege than getting to see and do the skiing and mountaineering activities there. As special as visiting there might be, experiencing the thrill of these ventures is equally great.


3. Gurso Bugyal trek – The most amazing one! 


The name of the place definitely makes our tongues do the twisting part for a while as we are the generation of simpler words (like ‘TTYL’, ‘DP’,’’) and complicated life. But trust me guys, this trek is absolutely amazing. Large land of green pastures surrounded by coniferous forests and oak trees. This 3 km trek ensures that you have the best of everything.

4. 180 degrees stunning view of Nanda Devi range


The world is a kind home to all the mind blowing and breathtaking views but this 180 degrees view belongs to the category of top creamy layer. Auli offers the very best close range views of Nandadevi on a clear day any time of the year. Trust me reaching the top for this view is completely worth and you are assured to go ‘oh my my’!


5. Rudraprayag – The ultimate ‘sangam’


The ‘sangam’ of river Alaknanda and Mandakini is the place named as rudraprayag. There is a temple of Lord Shiva is situated at the confluence. The clear green waters of the meeting point is such a pure and clear sight that it enlightens and pacifies the human mind for as long as one can think. What else do you need at the start of your vacation, guys?


6. Asia’s longest cable car (4km)


Keep aside the charm of any transport medium, the cable car traversal is unbeatable in every sort. The best possible view of valleys from the closest to the farthest point makes sure that you enjoy every second of your ride and that’s why it is worth of every single penny. And this one is the Asia’s longest too, this ride can be missed only if the reason is that the world’s ending the very next second.


7. The world’s highest man made lake – At Auli


A lake might not interest your travel buds, but the world’s highest man-made lake will definitely keep your mouths open. This lake at Auli is a government initiated project and has been developed in lieu of creating artificial snow on the new ski slopes in the event of low snow fall. The water from this lake is used to feed the snow guns stationed along the ski slopes and thus provide a good skiing surface and extend the ski season so that you guys don’t come back disappointed.



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