10 fascinating sign boards that will make your Leh Ladakh journey more awesome!

Black leather jackets, safety gears and just-serviced bikes, that’s most of all what you need for the most awaited trip of your life to turn true. For all the buds out there, we know how much importance the Leh Ladakh journey holds to complete the journey of your bachelorhood and put a full stop to your biking and adventurous rush. As tempting the route, the place and the biking part is, there’s one more eye-treat that you might be unaware of, till now.So go on, every captivating sign board on the way is awaiting you and don’t forget (I know, you will not) to click the amazing DP’s to make the world envious!



This one is amazingly witty. So, you better know now which curves to feel and which ones to put to test and most importantly, when! Keep your naughtiness at bay while biking, coz it’s the dangerous route bikers.



How wonderfully words can be played with and this sight is an absolutely perfect example. Gone is the time for “Durghatna se der bhali”, we are the generation of darling’s and babe’s and there can be nothing better to explain us, the consequences. Buddy you are already getting Leh’d then why the rush, take it slow and enjoy.



Oohh, aahh, ouch..the probability of using these words by a girl in her daily routine is very high. Guys, don’t you dare feel being left out. The probability of getting a girl teased for using these words is almost equal. I rest the case of sign board with you!



That’s a deep one! Don’t get entangled with the meanings, it’s a bit of word maze though. The social message imbibed in the road safety message is a tricky one. Drive it safe guys, coz you need none of the aids mentioned above.



The message of love is forcefully embedded in our genes from the childhood, but this is not the time to take it seriously, folks. Relax, sit back and give your biking love the ultimate pleasure by not getting disturbed by any disturbing factors.



How romantic can a journey get if you get a lucky chance to explore extra curves on the way. But being gentler on them is the only request one can make of. Have a safe journey, peeps! It’s a long one.


Madam, can you keep your gossips to yourself for the time being? Coz it can cost much more than the fun it can provide. Drive safe and sound. Enjoy the beautiful locations around, who knows, you might be getting captured by some trained photographer on the route



Come on dude and dudettes, we all are mature and sensible enough not to fall a prey to such a stupid factor. But just in case, someone wants to fly high in the dreams and eventually on the road too. Beware of the thought even!



Biking love is definitely unmatchable, there’s no denying the fact. But make sure this does not leads to flying as the human beings were not designed to make use of this functionality. Have a safe journey, driving to Leh!  



How sweet! A lovely comment for your loved one. As no one has the right to come between you two (not even speed, no matter how hypothetical it sounds) Guys, Leh Ladakh is a mere start to the more of your life’s journeys. Kudos to this one!

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