The answer is in the journey! – Mcleodganj affair

Sitting on the window side of the HRTC bus, gazing the mountains and pine trees, breathing the clear air, I am lost. Someone sitting at the back is listening to Euphoria’s Maeri.

“maeri yaad woh yaad woh aaeri…”

Your whole 25 years rewinds in front of your eyes and you realize what you have accomplished in your life. I am not sure where this bus is heading to, somewhere in Himalayas, or to my dream, or to a new life? This was not the first time when I was traveling solo. I was going to McLeodganj for the first time but it felt like I have been here before.
“Somewhere in my dreams, or in Ruskin Bond’s books but I have been here.”, I told myself. The roads looked familiar. Some faces looked familiar too.

Traveling solo rekindles life into you. You wish to leave your boring corporate job and just travel. I was pursuing my wanderlust here in McLeodganj, enjoying the break from the people I know. I met exciting strangers and have made some new friends. These strangers were more like me, lost but waiting to be found by themselves. Some people travel to meet new people, some travel because it makes them adaptable and independent. When someone asked me, why do I travel? I replied, “The answer is in the journey”. I have seen and experienced the humble side of mankind while traveling. People share food and offer you stay in their houses for nothing.


I spent a whole day sitting & watching the Dhauladhar ranges from the balcony of a cafe. There were many others like me, doing nothing. Some were artists, some storytellers, some musicians and some wanderers. McLeodganj is paradise for dreamers. The best part is when I go to such people and listen their stories. Nobody is in hurry and I get to learn so much from these people – from waiters and shopkeepers to tour guides and workers. Everyone has a unique story to tell.

I spent my last 2 days in Bhagsu. Met a monk there. I asked him how does practicing Bhikkhu leads to the end of suffering? He told me about his beliefs and how Buddha achieved enlightenment and then shared his successful methods so that all living beings could eventually exist in perfect understanding and bliss.


McLeodganj has a lot to offer. Walk down the temple road. The long and winding road, almost endless at times. The road doesn’t ask any questions, the road doesn’t carry any answers but it does carry the reasons to your answers.

I found peace in McLeodganj. I found myself. Because the answer is in the journey!

Monks. Mountains. Monasteries. Magical. McLeodganj.


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