7 Reasons you should invest in Valley of Flowers

The most awaited season for globetrotters is around the corner as the places which have limited access throughout the year and are opened for the common public only for a few months, are now approachable. One such beauty is Valley of Flowers, offering the most amazing and lovable views which become alive in the traveller’s imagination only. If you still need more reasons to travel there, there is no dearth of any, lets read through: 

1. Seasonal delicacies are always over-the-top delicious


This can’t be better elaborated than giving the example of Mango season madness. As awaited the summers are for mango lovers to content the taste buds, the same special Valley of flowers is to a travel nomad and nature lover. The sights served occasionally and for a rather short period tends to leave the human mind craving for more.


2. The unmatchable trekking route is breathtaking


No matter how many treks you have marked a tick mark upon or how difficult they have been, the valley of flowers is just exceptional. The chilly winds, the monsoon mania, the awesome natural beauty and greenery, the astonishing aroma is much more than one can take at a single point of time.  The route gets more interesting and exciting as close one reaches the destination.


3. The beauty of nature promises to keep you awestruck


The local legend about Valley of flowers narrates the place as a fairyland where fairies used to live long time back. And if going down the memory lane is not that challenging to your peaceful mind, lets revisit the fairyland aura that pops up with the angelic surroundings and all the dreamy objects which you always imagined to be able to touch. Why to miss it now?

4. The untrodden paths have interesting stories to tell


Every place has a story to tell with a wish of turning itself to a legend of all time. The big picture also reveals the fact that the unexplored paths have an added advantage of less footfall, hence keeping the natural pristine beauty intact and the ancient aroma alive. So, how long it had been that you heard some interesting and mysterious stories? Its calling you! 


5. Fall in love with yourself


When was the last time you took out time for yourself? Knowing yourself more and having few introspective sessions? No internet connectivity and no mobile network (Satellite phone booths are available) gives oneself enough time to revisit what has been happening lately and how pacifying it is to take out some time just for yourself!


6. Content your wanderlust


The lust for travel is a never ending quest for a globetrotter. But Valley of flowers is such a heaven that it can easily manipulate a traveler to settle down for it, for once and for all. Nestled between the charming meadows of alpine flowers, the picturesque valley region along with a tinge of snow laden mountainous backdrop makes it more than perfect.


7. The flower-darshan you never had before, nor will be ever a thereafter!


The naming ceremony of Valley of Flowers can be mapped to the fact that it is a home to over 500 species of wild flowers of unique designs and colors. The best time to explore the maximum variety of flowers is mid July to mid August. Some flowers are very rare and can’t be found in any other region. Can you still wait to have a taste of beauty imparting elixir of nature?

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