7 things Valley of flowers trek reminds you about life

1. How beautiful nature and life is, never take it for granted!


The moment you enter the valley, bet you can’t go away without saying aawww/ wow, no matter how much you have criticized people around you when they go aawwiinngg crazily about DP’s and other non sense stuff. Till the point the human sight goes,  lie beautiful and vibrant hued carpet of flowers, simply breathtaking and spellbounding. If you are getting the taste of staleness lately, this visit is sure to work wonders for you. Revisit yourself, Fall in love with the surroundings coz its all in the present moment


2. Help people with you and around you, humanity comes from within!


Noone knows where this feeling comes from, but you can’t get away without helping a needy soul on your way to trek and there’s no feeling better than that. No matter who are your companions, what opinion you hold about them, whether you have met them ever before or not: during the trek days, one is blessed with a lifetime experience to realize how amazing the journey of life is. More than that, how wonderful the feeling of kindness and being helpful is, that there’s nothing more contenting than appreciating and loving God’s creations.


3. Love every bit, 17 kms will always be better than thousands of miles traveled till now!


The studies explain that in a lifetime, the average human walks equivalent to 5 times around the earth. Isn’t that huge? But trust me, this all is gonna negate the value of these 17kms, the love of a lifetime, the precious memories of an eternity. The aroma, aura and ambience of the valley is so impressive to leave you awestruck and come into your dreams for the rest of your life bringing a big smile on your face every time. Get ready to feel the awesomeness after reaching the epitome of panoramic beauty.


4. Its all in your mind, the stamina to trek comes as some magical power gifted!


One of the foremost concerns that come to anyone’s mind is the stamina for trek. Don’t you worry guys, its all covered! The Valley of flowers trek is not that difficult and an easy going one. Still there are options available for the worst cases or any unfortunate probabilities. For eg. ponies and helicopters(for initial 13 kms subject to clear weather conditions) are available. Moreover, once you start the trek, it comes from within and the magical power takes you to the top so that you can feel the immense pleasure seeing the scenic marvel and falling in love with nature.

5. The experience to realize what marvels might have been missed till now!


Try recalling the most beautiful place you have visited till now, It is assured to be a different memory after you undertake the Valley of flowers trek. Nestled between the charming meadows of alpine flowers, the trek is as enchanting and enthralling as one can imagine.  It is believed that fairies have once inhabited this land, maybe that’s the reason of fairyland aura inherited by it! The trek amongst the picturesque valley region along with a tinge of snow laden mountainous backdrop makes it more than perfect.


6. The feeling of belongingness, how dear every bit holds for you!


The place is so mesmerizing and capable of making you its own that one feels like settling down there forever leaving this another world of competing in the rat race and standing at the first position for most of the times. Sit back for a moment, relax and listen to your heart and mind, for all it wants, is your mental peace and happiness. The valley spellbounds one’s presence in such a way that you feel like you were born to belong there and have missed the charm till now  


7. Time to live for yourself, love yourself, keep your life’s role aside and introspect!


How many times in your life have you taken out your time for yourself, to do some introspection, to travel solo, to discover yourselves? This journey is a great way to connect with yourself and meet a new-you as there is no internet connection available, no mobile networks available (after GovindGhat). Yeah, lets bring on some me-time, guys! You will be amazed to see the after effects as we probably have never tried this to make peace with ourselves.

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