For the love of monsoon: The top 10 promising August Destinations

Enough of the “winters is coming” and “summer has gone” screenwritings, its time for the bheega bheega Monsoon, folks! The more seeked and less available season of the year is round the corner and to make it less messy and more easy for you, go through the ETL (extracted, transformed and loaded) places list below and click send on your leave mail approvals right now!


1) Valley of flowers, Uttarakhand


What place comes to your mind for being a beauty and a soothing sight to your eyes, mind and sight? If its not Valley of flowers yet, you know where to go next! Adding to your definition of intellect-pleasing ambience, Valley of flowers is an amazing trek nestled between the charming meadows of alpine flowers.The trek is as enchanting and enthralling as one can imagine, along with the carpet of vibrant flowers laid till the point human sight goes. It is believed that fairies have once inhabited this land, may be thats the reason of fairyland aura inherited by it! The 17 km trek amongst the picturesque valley region along with a tinge of snow laden mountainous backdrop just makes this perfect and a lifetime experience.

Fact factor: Legends believe it to be the place from where Hanuman had collected the Sanjeevani buti for curing Lakshmana.
Distance from Delhi: 534 km
Ideal for: Nature lovers, trekkers

2) Ooty, Tamil Nadu


Ooty, the short name for Udhagamandalam, (Thank god, for the short name!) is the Queen of hill stations in South India. The impeccable cleanliness and pleasing sights all the way around is enough to spellbound its visitors in the maze of splendid aura. ‘Todas’ are the initial inhabitant community who used to live in huts. These huts are a unique attraction among visitors catering to its formation. The toy train ride is yet another reason to visit Ooty which traverses through the fairyland paths making this a memorable one. The Botanical garden houses numerous shrubs and flowers in widespread lawns, a soothing sight to extend. The amazing weather and mind blowing views from famous peaks are just unbeatable and takes the breath away.

Fact factor: The Rose Garden of Ooty showcases as many as 20000 different types of roses. This collection is one of the largest in the world and is a must-visit for tourists.
Distance from Delhi: 2438 km
Ideal for: Nature lovers, peace seekers, explorers

3) Munnar, Kerala


Munnar has been an admirable tourist destination since the colonial era of british rule. The mind blowing beauty and weather of the place imparts it the title of being a haven of peace and tranquility, a place to forget all what you have been doing all your life just for the sake of living, this time “Don`t Count The Days…Make your Days Count”. The highest peak in south India is Anamudi which is located in Munnar. However, the trek here is allowed with the permission of forest and wildlife authorities there. Munnar inhabits some endangered species, the famous of which is ‘the Nilgiri Tahr’. Continuing the legacy of tea plantations, Munnar has preserved this in a tea meuseum, which displays the story to tell about the origins and growth of tea plantations in Munnar.

Fact factor: There is a flower named Neelakurinji which bathes the Munnar hills in blue once in every twelve years, will bloom next in 2018
Distance from Delhi: 2637 km
Ideal for: Solace seekers, beauty dwellers


4) Kumarakom, Kerala


Kumarakom is a picture-perfect destination of Kerala or more rightly called, the earth’s paradise. The tall palm and coconut trees, the clear backwaters and the enchanting houseboat stay, makes it a worth planning vacation. Every part of Kerala is amazingly beautiful in itself, the same goes for Kumarakom which is located on the Vembanad lake as a cluster of little islands. The beauty of the blackwater destination lures travel nomads from every part of the country. The bird sanctuary here houses varied species of birds as they migrate south during the season. The local delicacies and a stay at cottages amongst the green valleys around is the perfect holiday ambience, which one must be striving for, from long.

Fact factor: Make sure you do not miss out on Karimeen and fresh toddy, the favourite fresh water food and the local wine.
Distance from Delhi: 750 km
Ideal for: Nature lovers, cultural enthusiasts

5) Kausani, Uttarakhand


Kausani is a perfect getaway for a wanderlusted soul seeking solace in the lush green vegetation of hills. The spectacular sights of beautiful landscape,pine tree forests, magnificent Himalayas and the just apt weather to get lost with, mesmerizes its visitors and makes it hard to get away from there then. The monsoons add to the beauty of the hill station by revealing the freshness of diversified flora and unravelling the cool breeze to dissolve the monotony of the mundane routine. There’s something for everyone in the generous store of Kausani: camping, trekking and mountain biking for adventure lovers, solace and tranquility for relaxation to rejuvenate your senses, many religious temples and abundance of mountain beauty to digest instantly.

Fact factor: Kausani – Gandhiji wasn’t wrong calling it the Mini Switzerland of India.
Distance from Delhi: 424 km
Ideal for: Nature lovers, Adventure seekers


6) Udaipur, Rajasthan


The destination is better known as the city of lakes, but there’s much more to explore. The thought of any city of Rajasthan brings into mind the colorful and vibrant festivals, the rich varied culture and royal Rajputana havelis.. trust me, Udaipur doesnt disappoint you on any front. Rather, it allures its visitors with the exquisite locations and makes one fall in love with the sheer structure and artistic architecture. Also if you are a historic lover, Udaipur provides the opportunity to dig in the past and have a look at artifacts and the other antiques surviving from the ancient era. Worth for the experiences: Udaipur city palace, Udaipur lake palace, Helicopter joyride, City cycling tour, Heritage walk. The monsoons bring out the delightful and pleasing charm of the city by increasing it multifolds.

Fact factor: The Kumbhalgarh Fort in Udaipur is known for its wall which is the second longest wall after the “Great Wall of China”.
Distance from Delhi: 673 km
Ideal for: Royal appeal seekers, Historic enthusiasts


7) Pushkar, Rajasthan


Better known as “The rose Garden of Rajasthan”, due to large amount of export and import of flowers, Pushkar also has a strong spiritual significance. There are very few Brahma temples in the country, one of which is in Pushkar. The vibrant hued festivals of the city are a one-in-itself experience. Pushkar lake is one of the major attractions which is believed to be formed by the tears of Lord Shiva, when Sati died. The local restaurants serve delicious vegetarian food. Alcohol and non vegetarian is banned as the city is considered holy and sacred. Shopping at Pushkar is so much fun where one can easily buy out for Rajasthani puppets, embroidered fabrics and artistic wall hangings.

Fact factor: Lord Brahma has only 5 historic temples in the world and the most important one is in Pushkar
Distance from Delhi: 415 km
Ideal for: Spirituality seekers, Peace lovers


8) Darjeeling, West Bengal 


Darjeeling is one of the best known hill stations of the world. Mere thought of Darjeeling paints visuals of locallite women tying the baskets around working in the tea gardens picking the tea leaves. Darjeeling also presents the picturesque views of Kanchenjunga which is the third highest mountain peak in the world. The beautiful local handicrafts are an attractive sight to appreciate the creativity and to buy souvenirs for. The treks here are not worth giving a miss as the marvellous landscapes provides a fabulous experience. The toy train is the heart of Darjeeling and a promising experience to this safe haven. It is a blend of British style architecture and modernity, hence, a lovable monsoon vacation mania!

Fact factor: The Darjeeling – Rangit Valley Ropeway is the largest ropeway in Asia which will take you to cloud nine literally as you actually pass through clouds.
Distance from Delhi: 1528 km
Ideal for: Cultural enthusiasts, Enthralling charm seekers


9) Panchgani, Maharashtra


The place is named so, as it is imbibed between 5 hills and the fall-in-love weather makes it so damn lovely that you dont feel like returning from there ever after. Less commercialised, non polluted, preserved in its pristine form, bounty of natural charm and scenic beauty makes the destination more special. Monsoons here are way too mesmerizing as the clear and fresh vegetation reveals itself out and rejuvenates the human senses. One can indulge in trekking, hiking and cycling to content the adventure rush. Many festivals and fairs are celebrated in Panchgani with great enthusiasm like Ganesh Chaturthi, Holi, Diwali and the strawberry festival. The local spots around provide breathtaking views and intricate surroundings to drown away with.

Fact factor: Strawberry festival is celebrated and Mala’s fruit products are manufactured in Panchgani
Distance from Delhi: 1560 km
Ideal for: Weekend getaway, Beauty dwellers, relaxation seekers


10) Lahaul-Spiti, Himachal Pradesh


If you are a lover of untouched, unexplored, least populated places: Lahaul spiti is the destination. Some of the rarest places where snow never leaves its way any time of the year.The river flowing at the base of mountains pictures an alluring landscape that have seemed to be true in paintings only till now. Various lakes, breathtaking views from massive heights, Tibetan influenced culture, high altitude trek trails: all sums up to a stunning getaway in the heavens of mighty Himalayan range. The unreliable weather of the valley makes it an easy-going destination only in the months of june to october. Monsoons serve as an icing on the top to ravel the untrodden paths of Spiti valley. Adding it to the bucket list , be your first task now!

Fact factor: Glorious unmatchable view of the Milky Way at Pin Valley.
Distance from Delhi: 735 km
Ideal for: Nature lovers, Explorers, Solace seekers

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