Favorite holiday destinations of Cricketers in India

Incredible India, as we rightly define our country, is a picture perfect destination for people living in and out of it. Whether it be a snow cladded mountain destination or be a land of temples at every few paces or be a royal palace stay at a historical place or be a serene sea beach facing the cold breeze, every place offers lots of love to fall in love , lots of memories to memorize and lots of experiences to be experienced. Supporting our views are the famous Indian cricketers, who even though get less vacation time but love to explore every bit of it!

Lets have a look through the secretive diaries of your favorite cricketers to know what places they love holidaying at.


Virat Kohli

The Party Capital
Holiday Destination – Goa
Best time to visit – mid November to mid February
Distance from Delhi – 1515 km



Goa is the dream destination of every second traveller in India. Undoubtedly, the place has everything to offer from perfect resorts to stay to enthralling water sports at its beaches to unlimited booze to get intoxicated in party fever. Christmas to New Year phase in Goa is heaven on earth phase coz Goa celebrates it like its first and last. If you have never been to Goa, trust me, the unfulfilled wish will haunt your incomplete memories and if you have been there, then what? Visit it again, coz Goa doesnt open all its cards in one go!


Suresh Raina

The city of Lakes
Holiday Destination – Nainital
Best time to visit – (March to June) and (October to February)
Distance from Delhi – 300 km

Nainital is another name of fascination to fall in love with. The destination ensures that one gets enough of the diverse and lush mountains, marvelous depths of the peaks, pleasant and tranquil lakes, amazing views of deep down and high up, one step ahead of adventure, snowy peaks playing hide and seek behind the snow fog. Presenting it precise and concise, Nainital is a vast expanse of breathtaking beauty which makes you fall in the romance of the nature’s creation. The perfect blend of natural ecosystems assures to de-stress the mind and have a beautiful and meaningful getaway to make most of the valuable time you beg from your bosses once in a while.

Sachin Tendulkar

The Queen of Mountains
Holiday Destination – Mussourie
Best time to visit – (March to June) and (October to February)
Distance from Delhi – 285 km



Mussourie never turned out to be the official summer capital though, but an idyllic stoll through the valley alone can make you believe that it is the honeymoon capital of India. The air of congeniality, the affair of the heart, the serene eternal love will keep you spellbound all through. Mussourie does a complete justice to be the queen of hills. It derived its name from the shrub named Mansoor which is available in plenty in the region. If you are an admirer of picturesque beauty, Mussourie offers its heart to you. Give your anxiety a brief pause and toddle down the enchanting lanes of the town.


Sourav Ganguly

The Queen of hills
Holiday Destination – Darjeeling
Best time to visit – (April to June) and (October to January)
Distance from Delhi – 1507 km


The name Darjeeling forms numerous tea garden visuals in our mind but the destination is much more than that. Breathtaking sites of Kanchenjunga mountain, a tour to Darjeeling Himalyan railways which is a UNESCO world heritage site, the amazing and pleasant weather urges every traveller’s mind to pay a visit once to ravel the unexplored paths. The lush green surroundings and rich culture of locallites cast a memory spell over its visitors so that they pack a bag full of memories on their way back to cherish it, a lifetime!


Rahul Dravid

Holiday Destination – Kabini, Karnataka
Best time to visit – November to April
Distance from Delhi – 2357 km


The kabini river, originating from the Wayanad district of Kerala, is a picturesque location offering all what a holiday destination is about. The pacifying surroundings and the Marrakadavu ferry, making the tour of the river is just out of the world. The weather and the unexplored beauty of this part of India makes one forget about all the worries and monotony of the life and ignites the spark of leaving everything and get settled there only. The culture, the language, the food, the surroundings all offer a perfect oppportunity to forget everything else and start all over once again!


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