So you think you have been to Shimla? We bet not, if you have not visited these!

Seven astonishing places around Shimla (within the travel range of 50 kms) which are capable of making your trip worth and complete, so promise yourself not to give these a miss this time you visit!





Kufri is a serene and peaceful hillside around 13 kms from Shimla. It is the one stop destination for tourists who wanna experience the snow cladded surroundings. The magnificent view of the Himalayas from here is so engaging to leave you spellbounded for the rest of the journey. As picturesque and perfect Kufri is, it also offers its visitors the experience of horse riding and Yak riding, the Himalayan nature park as a treat to animal lovers where varied species of animals and birds rests, The Mahasu peak to fall in love with the beauty of the “Queen of Hills”.





Fagu is a small mesmerizing town located 23km from Shimla. The place is a paradise for those who never get enough of nature’s charm and spotless beauty. A walk through the apple orchards, potato fields and the rich diverse flora and fauna around makes one forget about everything else and rejuvenates with positive vibes and lively energy to make it complete. Fagu is the apt location for travellers who always yearn to feel what sigh of relief actually means by providing an environment so pious, quiet and blissful.



Matiana is another delicate yet elegant location nearby Shimla not to be missed out. The location has some amazing and worth capturing nature’s scenic views, which makes one go wandering about his existence still on earth or in heaven. Matiana has a famous resort which caters to tourist’s desire to have a peaceful stay amongst the exquisite valley.




Narkanda is a beautiful destination located around 65 kms from Shimla. The place is famous for snow adventure activities as it receives heavy snowfall in winter. It is a treat to one’s eyes having such eyesome views. Hatu peak is located 8 kms from Narkanda which offers breathtakingly spectacular views, the trek through the range is so thrilling and exciting that it will make you regret if missed! There is a beautiful temple located at the top dedicated to Hatu Goddess.





Mashobra is a popular getaway destination near Shimla. Many famous poets, writers and painters have their residences here to keep their artistic inspirations alive via the beauty of Mashobra. Boating and trekking are some of the activities around here. The place is rich in diverse flora and fauna with the pleasant weather conditions throughout the year.





Naldehra is an appealing and alluring seclusion to the mountains and is located around 22 kms from Shimla. It is famous as one of the oldest 18 hole golf course location. Apart from this, a walk through the lanes with thick Deodar trees surrounded around and the delightful weather is just perfect to make your day and remembering the experience for rest of your lives. The Nag temple is also located nearby.




Located around 50 kms from Shimla, Tattapani is the name given to hot water spring which emerges along by the side of Sutlej river. The water is believed to have medicinal properties as it has high content of sulphur which cures multiple diseases. Hence, it is also considered as a place of sacred importance to Hindus. Tattapani is also a destination to river rafting activity to make your adrenaline rush alive.

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