This vacational refresh, what other than Rishikesh!

Rishikesh is supposedly one of those hard to find places that possesses the best and optimum level bliss to gift wrap and present to its every visitor. Be it the spiritual you or be it the adeventurous you, Rishikesh ensures that you return back with a new enlightened you!


· Better known as: “Adventure Capital of India”, “The world capital of Yoga”

· Residing State: Uttarakhand

· Distance from the capital: Around 275 kms

· Climate Conditions:

Summers (March to June):- Max Temp 30ºC Min temp 20ºC
Winters (Late November to February):- Max temp 20ºC Min temp 8ºC
Monsoons (July to September):Activities are suspended due to heavy rains. August receives the highest rainfall.

· USP Factor:The place is the ultimate destination for ethnic explorers, cultural and spiritual enthusiast, peace lovers and for the adventure dreamers. It is also the starting point for travelling to “chaar dhaam yatra” pilgrimage places.

· Things to pack:

(1) Identity card
(2) Travel itinerary
(3) Comfortable Casuals
(4) Sunglasses/Sunscreen Lotion
(5) Camera
(6) Extra pair of clothes (To compensate for the wet ones)
(7) Spirit of a Yogi (If you are a spiritualist)
(8) Spirit of a Khatro Ke Khilaadi (If you are an adventure undertaker)

Visiting RISHIKESH: As a cultural and spiritual enthusiast!

If meditation, seeking spiritual knowledge, tranquility lures you, you are on the justified destination. Where taking a dip in the river ganges, promises to purify the soul removing all sins, no other place can even try to compensate for it. Meditating here is said to bring you one step close to salvation (moksha). The silver clean water and beaches assure to fill your mind with immense calmness and composure. Rishikesh is termed as the birth place of yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, spirituality. The ashrams and yoga centres in rishikesh are renowned in the world. Come, let us go to examine some of the places to serve the appetite of a devotional dreamer.






Triveni Ghaat
It is a divine junction of three holy rivers namely the ganga, the Yamuna and the Saraswati. Taking a dip here bestows with reputed healing powers, washing off sins. The maha aarti being performed here should not be missed as it is very soothing and pacifying experience with the blend of cool breeze from the riverside.

Traymbakeshwar Temple
It is a 13 storeyed temple located near the lakshman jhula bridge. Deities of almost all varied kinds are preserved here.


Ram and Lakshman Jhula
These both are the suspension bridges serving as a prominent landmark of the city. As the name suggests, the bridge shakes to and fro which can be felt while taking a walk over the bridge catering to the panoramic view from there.


Swarg Ashram
Situated between rishikesh and lakshman jhula, it is a beautiful place with ideal conditions for a healthy, divine and satwik(righteous) living surroundings.

Come, let us go to satisfy the divine craving and therefore, to keep intact the purpose of living.


Visiting RISHIKESH: As an adventure romeo!

Think of yourself as a venture undertaker, but never been to rishikesh? Hey buddy, your life is still an abridged edition in the book of adventure. Else there wont have been any regular reason to miss your name in the visitor list of “Adventure capital of India”. The river ganges, along with the liberation of sins, quenches the thirst of an adventure lover. Be your dreams of flying like a bird, diving into water like a dolphin, camping like a nomad, having a free fall, rishikesh serves them for one and all. It is being nomenclatured for being india’s topmost white river rafting destination, So, what are you waiting for? Start packing your bags for a full fledged adventure ride at the adventure capital.



White Water Rafting
Ready to get down in the untamed wild silver clean water of river ganges? There are medium to rough rapids rated class 3 and 4. You have the option of jumping into waters at some midway places, don’t miss the water waves in the rapid, getting the kick out of the splashing water over your skin will definitely make your world go round.


Pacing over the cold white sand, having an amazing set of triangular huts lying on the riverside, circling around the bonfire, bonding with your companions, no other ambience would have catered to your desires as this would. Lie down under the starry sky to pacify and soothe yourself.


Zip Lining
Desire to feel the rush of air gushing past you? This is your sport. Being harnessed to the wire and letting gravity take the hold afterwards, you will be accelerating at high speeds at around 7 mtrs above the river level.

Bungee Jumping
Does the feeling of free fall under the influence of gravity excite you? Having the wish of enjoying the mountainous beauty and height closely? This is your sport, guys! Get ready to be lowered down from a height of 83 mtrs for the exhilarating, one time experience of your life.


Cliff Jumping
Want to win the acrophobic inside you? Go for cliff jumping. From the height of about 20 ft, you are supposed to jump into the clear deep waters beneath, the one of its type ultimate experience.


There are lots of treks around Rishikesh. If hill walking and toddling the way around rocky paths is your thing, don’t miss it!
Apart from all these, there are many other activities like rappelling, kayaking, mountain biking and wildlife safari etc. Concluding, any type of adventure you dream of, Rishikesh promises you an amusing ride.

Come, LET US GO TO Rishikesh to write down in your adventure book from the scratch.


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