Places to haunt you till death sounds better!

Has monotonous routine and daily life’s chores sucked up the thrill of your life? Has the craving of adding definition to your regular life made you impatient? This is your perfect destination guys! If you are interested in revealing the unrevealed, opening the doors to the dark, hearing to some occult happenings, bringing the supernatural secrets to reality, come, take a peek through the doors of mysterious unexplored world to satisfy your adrenaline rush.

Plan a trip, granting yourselves the rights to be an honored traveler to have turned the pages around of the “Scare Verse”!





• State catering to the spook: Rajasthan

• Distance from New Delhi: 256 km

• Fact Factory: Considered one of the scariest, horror striken places.

• No one allowed in the premises before sunrise and after sunset.

• The main gate of entry is known as “Bhoot Bangla” or the “house of ghosts”

• Ironical though, there are many hindu temples located there but no savior from paranormal beings.

• There have been lots of instances to prove the presence of supernatural things. It is believed that no one returns alive, if stayed there for a night.

• The tourists have confirmed the strange aura of the place which infuses anxiety and restlessness.


There are many local stories associated with the mysteriously horror striken place but the most popular of them is of princess of Bhangarh, Ratnavati, who is believed to be strikingly beautiful. Like every other typical bollywood story, the villain comes into role here. There lived a wizard, well versed with black magic techniques, named Singhia who fell in love with the princess. In the lieu of attracting her, he replaced the Ittar(perfume) bought by the princess with some sort of potion so that she surrenders to him but the princess got aware of the bewitched trap and she threw it on a big stone nearby and the wizard got crushed under it. Before dying, his last words were the curse to Bhangarh that everything and everyone would be destroyed. Subsequently, the region was attacked over by the Mughals and all the locals died including the princess. It is believed that the spirits of cursed people still surround that area and hence the paranormal activities are justified. The occult happenings find it their right to turn the place spooky!




• Home state of the ghost action: Uttar Pradesh

• Distance from New Delhi:70 km

• Fact Factory: This old ruined two storeyed building is a horrible sight in itself.

• It stands out for all the mysterious and paranormal activity sightings.

• Locals believe that no life ever existed in the concealed building, ever!

• People have seen 4 men sitting inside the house around a table with a lighted candle having alcohol. They are often seen at the rooftop too!

• Along with 4 men, a young girl in red dress is believed to be present in the house, at times entering in and leaving out of the house.

• These sightings are not a rare sight. People even avoid crossing the route around the house especially at the time of night.

• No matter how often the spook scares the hell out of people, not a single person is harmed till the date.


There is no specific story associated with this place but people do align it with being the sasural (in –law’s place) of the famous Ramayana villain Raavan. Meerut, in older times, was known as Mayarashtra and Mandodari’s (Raavan’s wife) father, Mayasura, ruled over it. So, it is considered normal to have such spooky activities in action. Yes, its hard to resist your adrenaline rush, so get up for the exploration and satisfaction of your craving buds!






• State living the horror: Delhi

• Distance from New Delhi: 12 kms

• Fact factory: This cantt. area does not justifies its image of being just clean and green open space, the spookiness takes over here making it a unique and interesting haunted place.
• Almost anyone living here can make you familiar with the ghost stories prevailing here.

• It is believed that there appears a white saree clad woman, who asks people for lift.

• The people who cater to her lift request are believed to be never seen again

• If you dare to ignore her, she would start running with the speed of the vehicle along with the passenger

• People who ask her for directions, are supposed to be circling around the city for whole night, completely lost!


Numerous stories have been associated with this saree woman! But there are two rather common ones. One is that the woman once fell prey to a group of lusty guys where she asked them for lift on the same road. Her vengeful spirit is now roaming the road waiting to avenge the criminals.
According to another anecdote, the woman found her husband cheating on her and in extreme anger , she killed her 2 children herself before committing suicide but her conscience dint allow her spirit to enter her own house. Now her lost soul is struck there finding its way for moksha (Salvation)!

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