Land of 1000 temples – Varanasi!

Apart from being a home to temples, this city has a story to be narrated along with each of its creation. So, if you are the one holding inquisitive interests, Varanasi is ready to drown you deep down with its rich culture and heritage.


• Better known as: “Spiritual capital of india”, “Land of 1000 temples”, (Kashi, Banaras in old times)

• State capturing the divinity: Uttar Pradesh

• Distance from Capital: 803 km

• Climate conditions:

Summers: April – June(22ºC-46ºC)
Winters: December – February (5ºC-16ºC)
Monsoon: July – October

• USP Factor: Moksha seekers city, one of the seven holiest cities of India and one of the 12 Jyotirlinga sites in India. Oldest city of the world, famous for high quality silk (Banarasi sarees, who hasn’t heard of!)

• Things to pack:

(1) Casual serene clothes
(2) Sunscreen lotion
(3) Religious Attitude
(4) Peace seeking mind

Are you amongst the ones – inspecting to seek Moksha, to draw apart the chains of countless birth and death cycles? Varanasi is your place, folks!! As is self explanatory, the city is a home to yet another temple every few paces. As you would expect an old city to be (and this one is the oldest, by god’s grace) you can easily spot narrow winding lanes, a single sight towards the sky gets restricted by the stories of opposite sides of houses seeming to touch each other. The Ganga ghats are the prominent centre of attraction where having a dip is believed to purify all the sins, and for the peace lovers, it provides a perfect ambience to take some time out and introspect. Ganga Aarti in itself is such a grandeur event, providing peace and serenity to millions of distracted hearts. It is very soothing and pacifying and the aura is so sanctified.

The place has been a home to great saints as Mahavira, Gautam Buddha, Tulsi das, Kabir, Shukracharya and Ramanuja. Buddhism laid its foundation here and got spread further limitless.
The feel of divinity and purity is in the air of Varanasi. Are you still able to wait? Pack your bags guys and get ready for a stroll down the lanes of Varanasi, this place is gonna offer its heart to you!


The temple is dedicated to mother goddess of India (national personification of India). There are only 2 such temples in India: one at Varanasi and second in Haridwar. The temple possesses the marble carved map of India which is exclusive in itself. There also is a marble statue of Bharat Mata.



The jyotirlinga is the prominent attraction you heard about Varanasi? Kashi Vishwanatha temple is the place. It is believed to be the most powerful of all the 12 jyotirlangas and the single glimpse has the ability of purifying and cleansing the soul, enough to initiate the spark of devotion (Bhakti). A visit to the temple will add to make your trip worthwhile. So yes, mark it the first item in your itinerary.


As the name makes itself clear, the temple is dedicated to lord Hanuman, the one who removes sufferings. There’s a huge rush in the temples on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Monkeys are a common sight around.


The embankments circumscribing the river Ganges are preferred to be known as ghats. They are normally made in the form of stone steps as the platform around. Some of the main popular ghats include Dashashwamedha ghat, Manikarna Ghat, Panchganga Ghat. The ghats are the perfect place to relieve the tensions and the stress of life and to feel the divinity and eternity.


The well known Banarasi saree is something that every lady out there must have heard of. Varanasi is a noted destination for heavy silk sarees and brocade work normally used for weddings. Godoulia Market is the best place for a saree shopping spree.

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