JAIPUR: City of Vibrance, Royalty and grandeur!

Jaipur, in itself, is a grand magnificent and vibrant palace which is embedded of royalty in every nook and corner. Along being the first planned city, it is embedded with numerous exquisite artifacts. The city ensures to offer indicative delight to history lovers and enthusiasts with splendid fortresses, charming havellis and magnanimous forts.


• Better known as: “Pink City”

• Residing State and privileged capital of: Rajasthan

• Distance from the capital: Around 268 kms

• Climate Conditions: Semi arid climate

Summers (April to early July):- Average temperature 30ºC
Winters (November to February):- Temperature varies between 15ºC-18ºC
Monsoons:- July to September

• USP factor: Majestic, magnificent and royal aura of the city. The city is planned according to Indian vaastu shastra where the direction of each street and market are east to west and north to south. The eastern gate is called suraj (sun) pol, while the western gate is called chand (moon) pol.
Pompously celebrated festivals, colorful and vibrant clothed people, royal legacy of palaces.

• Cuisines: Typical rajasthani dishes not to be missed are dal baati churma, missi roti

• Things to buy: Jaipur is a hub for arts and crafts. There are numerous traditional shops to buy jewellery, handicraft items, gems, antiques, pottery, carpets, textiles etc. crafts work include: bandhani, block printing, tarkashi, zari, zardozi etc


Jaipur, also known as pink city got its name from the pink colored stone used in laying the city’s architecture. The fine exceptional carvings made out of stone is worth seeing. Jaipur is one of such sort of attractions which fulfills the endeavors of monument lovers by presenting a majestic and royal aura, the spiritual seekers by pacifying their sight exploring divinity of temples, the shopaholics by offering a wide range of exquisite antiques, fabulous handicrafts and spectacular jewellery and dynamic, full of life tourists by giving an eyesome view of intensely hued fairs and festivals and vibrant costumes.
So, come lets pay a virtual dream visit to the place till the time your craving makes you set the foot outside your place.






Amer Fort
The fort lies in Amber, the former capital of the state. It is supposed to be the most popular and finest of all the forts there. The lake at the foothill, the finely sculptured and craved pillars, the grandiose suuroundings, the blend of red sandstone and white marble, all make sure you turn astonished. In addition, it is a mixture of hindu and muslim architecture which makes the place more interesting to be paid a visit.


Hawa Mahal
“The place of winds”, as it is said, is a well known one, famous for the “jharokhas” (Windows)(we all have seen it in our social sciences books, at least, in school). It has a pyramid structure believed to be constructed in the form of crown of Krishna and 953 windows beautifully designed. The structure owes to cater the requirement of providing a view of everyday life to royal women.

Jantar Mantar
The jantar mantar in jaipur is the world’s largest sundial. In earlier times, it was used to provide the accurate time. Built with the expedient architecture, it is considered to be one of the largest observatories ever built.


Nahargarh Fort
Nahargarh, meaning the “abode of tigers”, is a fort which once served as a strong defense for the city. The fort has a picturesque view of the charming beauty. There is an extended way to Jaigarh fort.




Birla Temple
Formerly known as lakshmi narayan temple, this is dedicated to lord Vishnu and goddess lakshmi. The temple is built in pure white marble which makes the aura so serene and tranquil. The beautiful carvings of mythological symbols and quotes from geeta and other scriptures make it worth visiting. The temple serves the purpose of giving peace to your mind and start things afresh.


Govind Dev Ji Temple
As the name suggests, the temple is dedicated to lord Krishna. The most distinguishing feature is that it is believed the idol looks exactly the same as lord Krishna looked during his incarnation on earth. The temple is placed between Chandra mahal and badal mahal. Various ‘aartis’ and ‘bhogs’ are offered at temple, seven times, a day.



Chokhi dhaani is an exclusive place for exploring the whole rajasthani culture and lifestyle at one single destination. It is being termed as the most innovative tourism project. The perfect ambience of rajasthani hospitality and heritage served with elephant rides, ghagra choli clad women dancing with matkas on their heads, chaarpaayis under the trees, mehendi applying girls and much more activities. The rajasthani food they offer, and the main USP is the respect and dearness with which they make you eat, its hard to resist. All in all, if you visit jaipur, chokhi dhaani must be on the top of the list!

Apart from all these, Jaipur is a city of fairs and festivals. Elephant festival, Gangaur festival, Kite festival and teez are celerbrated with all the grace and vibrance. Consider yourself lucky if you visit jaipur around some festival time.
Come, LET US GO TO Jaipur to get the feeling of royal rule!!

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