Feel like in Heaven’s lap: Manali

The snow cladded serene peaks, the pacifying open green spaces, the captivating mountainous beauty do make sure that you forget the worries of life and give a serious thought to settle down in the heaven’s lap forever.

Better known as: ”Honeymoon Destination”, ‘Valley of the Gods’

• State engulfing the charm: Himachal Pradesh

• Distance from Capital: 570 km

      Distance between Kullu and Manali: 42 km

• Climate Conditions:

Summers: march to june (10ºC-25ºC)
Winters: october to February(Below 0ºC, at times)
Monsoons: July to September

• USP factor: Snow clad mountain cliffs, thick pinewood forests, Paradise of hugging clouds, satisfies adventure hunger, spellbounding and mesmerizing natural and scenic beauty, striking chilly winds, kick-off point for Ladakh.

• Things to Pack:

(1) Woolens
(2) Casual clothes for adventure sports
(3) Sunscreen lotion
(4) Assemble yourself to get appeased
(5) Camera to capture amazing clicks


Manali.. enveloped with the alluring and charismatic scenic charm around, is a must visit for every travel enthusiast. The place is imbibed of the aura to mesmerize and leave you spellbounded. Manali is a kick off place to start Leh ladakh journey too! (oh yes, with those black attire cladded bike riders fulfilling the dream journey of their life). The special treat Manali holds for its visitors is that it is a one stop destination for honeymooners, adventure lovers and nature charm seekers. It holds its best pieces and promises to offer something to everyone and not letting anyone return downhearted.

KULLU, situated 42 kms apart is located on the banks of Beas river and the valley is popularly known as the “valley of gods”, which is enough to say about the prevailing beauty there. The place is imbibed with thick Pine and Deodar forests and apple orchards. Kullu shawls are famous worldwide. The place has many worth seeing temples. “Kullu Dussehra” is the main festival which is celebrated for seven days, and is a big event here.

What are you waiting for? Coz packings wont do it all, set your foot outside and LET US GO TO Kullu Manali as it welcomes you to the scenic and enchanting abode.






The striking picturesque beauty of the valley promises to leave you enthralled. Best time to enjoy the charm is when it is snow sheathed. Adventure enthusiasts holds a special value for the place as it offers paragliding, ropeway ride, zorbing and alike activities. A must visit!


The temple is dedicated to Hidimbi, the wife of Bhima(one of the five Pandavas in Mahabharata). The artistic structure of temple is pagoda roofed which is very elegantly crafted. The temple is surrounded with beautiful and tall trees. The rabbits and yaks are around to enjoy a ride or to click pics.


As almost every next hill station has, Manali also resides a Tibetan Monastery wherein there presides a statue of Lord Buddha. The varied ways of Buddhist spirituality and religion attracts the visitors more towards its tranquil surroundings. It provides a good enough reason to know Buddhist culture more closely and adore the beautiful handicraft and handlooms.


Rohtang remains covered with snow during maximum time of the year. It is considered dangerous due to bizzard snowstorms and hence opens for visitors only from May to October. Adventure seekers can enjoy various activities like scooter riding and skiing here.

Mall road is the ultimate destination to enjoy street food, shopping for souvenirs and to look out for local specialities of Manali. A stroll down the road with chilly winds passing close to the ears makes feel how beautiful being alive and travelling around is!


Manikaran Gurudwara is located in the small town of Manikaran. It is also kmown as Guru Nanak Dev ji’s Gurudwara. The place holds special reasons for the hot spring which naturally energes from the mountains. People take bath there as it is known to have healing properties. Do not forget to have ‘Langar’(Sacred food offering) there.

This is a place to satisfy your trek hunger and believe it, the end result of trek is so amazing with charming beauty around that you wont wanna miss it for anything!


Gulaba fall is yet another artistically pleasant point, covered with snow and adventure activities happening around. A special snow suit and boots are required while going there as to maintain the comfort with the snow of height around knee level.


ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES to be enjoyed in Manali:

• Scooter riding
• Trekking
• Rafting
• Hiking
• Mountaineering
• Paragliding
• Skiing

So, no matter what you are seeking as a traveler enthusiast, Manali possesses everything to make sure you have a fun blast!!

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