A Place so pristine: Lansdowne!

The pristine environment of Lansdowne makes it exclusive and perfect to pay a visit. If your destination condition is to stopover to an untainted and salubrious surroundings, Lansdowne makes sure you get more than what you desire of. The place justifies the title of being “The road less travelled” and hence is becoming a popular weekend getaway destination for travel enthusiasts.

· Formerly known as: Kaludanda

· State embracing the queen: Uttarakhand

· Distance from the capital: Around 248 kms

· Climate Conditions:

Summers (March to June):- Max temp 30ºC Min temp 15ºC
Winters (November to February):- Max temp 24ºC Min temp 0ºC
Monsoons (July to October)

· USP Factor: Quiescent, less explored, non commercial, more close to nature, untouched and more clean and maintained as it falls in cantonment area, perfect sight for British colonial architecture, amazing valley views.

· Things to pack:

(1) Woolens
(2) Urge to find peace
(3) Hunger to absorb natural beauty in original form
(4) Camera





Bhulla Taal
A small man made lake which is surrounded by mountains and charming natural scenic beauty. One can go for boating and snacking options around. The area is very clean as is maintained by army.


Tarkeshwar mahadev Temple
The ancient temple of Lord Shiva is around 45-50 kms from Lansdowne (1.5 hrs drive) but its totally worth it. The spellbounding aura and surroundings around fills one’s heart with peace. The place is engulfed with cedar and pine trees and shimmering sunlight passing through.

St Mary Church
The Church is located on the way to ‘Tip n Top’. It is well maintained and is open only on Saturdays and Sundays. There is a wishing well inside and a 20 minute documentary regarding the glory of army and garhwal rifle can be viewed.


Tip n Top
Highest point of Lansdowne with mesmerizing view of Himalayas. A place to capture nature’s charm in your mind afresh for a longer time. Seeking peace and relaxing in the sun, the place promises a worth experience.


Darwan singh meuseum
If you are a fan of army and love to revisit history, this is your place. The weapons, medals and guns of historical wars are displayed.


Many Tour operators carry out ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES here which includes:

(1) Jungle walk
(2) Mountain Treks
(3) Boating
(4) Bird watching
(5) Stargazing

So come, set your foot outside, pack your bags for a fascinating trip to Lansdowne, which promises to set your adrenaline rush down!

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