A deviation one would love to deviate : RANIKHET

Ranikhet is an isolated beauty pinnacle serving its visitors the best it can offer. The place makes sure that one falls in love with the amazing picturesque landscape. The narrow forest lanes surrounded with conifer trees, large open spaces, delighting weather, adventurous feel pacify your inner core and the world appears much more pleasing and enchanting.


· Better known as: “Queen’s Land”

· State embracing the queen: Uttarakhand

· Distance from the capital: Around 244 kms

· Climate Conditions:

Summers (March to May):- Max temp 30ºC Min temp 15ºC
Winters (June to August):- Max temp 20ºC Min temp 0ºC
Monsoons (October to February): The weather during this time becomes very pleasant and the nature’s beauty is enhanced multifold.

· USP Factor: Rich, diverse green hills, assorted flora and fauna, mesmerizing scenic beauty, handshaking and hugging clouds, beautiful varied flowers, green lush meadows, perfect visualization of Himalayas.

· Things to pack:

(1)Identity card to avoid fuss
(2)Holiday documentation or travel itinerary
(3)Woollen clothes/jackets
(4) Desire to calm your senses down
(5) Love for nature

Ranikhet has almost everything to offer to individuals seeking different pleasures. Various temples, breathtaking scenic charm, adventurous excursions, ultimate peace providing serene weather and what not.
So, come Let Us Go To Ranikhet to satisfy the avid city dweller inside you !





Binsar Mahadev
It is located 20 kms before Ranikhet on the way. The temple has a grand artistic architecture engulfed with forest surroundings of tall beautiful deodar and pine trees. The temple is dedicated to lord shiva and is believed to offer rejuvenating vibes and pure silence to the soul.


Haidakhan Temple
The temple is located 4 kms from Ranikhet and is dedicated to lord shiva’s worshipper, baba Haira khan. The trek through the forests to the temple makes it a worth visit. The surroundings are very calm and peaceful making it a perfect place to meditate.

Bhalu Dam
A small artificial lake providing the best of its surroundings with amazing views of himalayan mountains. It is a 3 km trek through forest. It is advised to take a guide along otherwise there’s a possibility of getting lost.


Located around 10 kms from Ranikhet, the place is famous for varied natural vegetation and apple orchards. The plantation includes chestnuts, apricots, peaches and almonds. It is worth visiting the place during the season.


Jhula Devi Temple
The temple is dedicated to Maa Durga who appeared for the protection of villagers from wildlife attacks, as is told by the story. People come here with their wishes and offer a bell to the temple when the wish is accomplished. The beliefs regarding the temple can be realized by simply viewing the number of bells hanging on the temple walls.


Adventure hunger of mentioned activities can be accomplish in Ranikhet:
1) Paragliding
2) Nature walks
3) Trekking


So time to pack your bags up guys and visit Ranikhet, before the time’s up!

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