A place above all: Come, visit Nainital

Nainital promises much to offer to pacify the field of vision, with which most of us are occupied with, of our daily routines. One does feel out of the world, while being in the lap of Lake district.

• Better known as: “Lake District of India”

• State enthralling the beauty: Uttarakhand

• Distance from Capital: 285 km

• Climate conditions:

Summers: April – June(10ºC-27ºC)
Winters: October – February (3ºC-15ºC)
Monsoon: July – September

• USP Factor: Pear-shaped Naini lake which is believed to be one of 64 Shaktipeeths or places of religious significance(where body parts of Sati(Parvati) fell down while being carried by Lord Shiva). Rich and varied nature, enchanting view of snow cladded, emerging out of the fog- Himalayas. Picturesque mountainous terrain, huge waterfall and crystal clear water, swan swarming lakes. Candles are the main highlight, creativity with them at its pinnacle, dont miss buying them

• Things to pack:

(1) Woolens
(2) Casual sportswear for Adventure activities
(3) Appetite for charisma of nature
(4) Camera to capture


Nainital is another name of fascination to fall in love with. The destination ensures that one gets enough of the diverse and lush mountains, marvelous depths of the peaks, pleasant and tranquil lakes, amazing views of deep down and high up, one step ahead of adventure, snowy peaks playing hide and seek behind the snow fog. Presenting it precise and concise, Nainital is a vast expanse of breathtaking beauty which makes you fall in the romance of the nature’s creation. The perfect blend of natural ecosystems assures to de-stress the mind and have a beautiful and meaningful getaway to make most of the valuable time you beg from your bosses once in a while. 

LET US GO TO explore Nainital a bit more to keep the travel buds excited and alive.




Right, Nainital got its name from the lake only which is the USP of the town. The lake is in the shape of pear and its believed that Sati’s eye(Lord shiva’s wife) fell here after her self immolation. Boating, walking along the crystal clear water lake will make your day with Pine trees alongside. Mall road is alongside the river.


The temple is located near the lake and is a must visit to soothe oneself. During navratras, the decorations and lights take breaths away.


The garden has natural and artificial caves and is a wonderful experience to go through. These have been named after animals to provide full feel as the name suggests. Do mind the fact that you will have more fun, if you are fit and not obese!


The name justifies it! If one wants a glimpse of whole Nainital through one point, this is your place. So picturesque and beautiful, that one falls in love with nature again. It is accessible through horses via way to Dorothy peak. But be careful, heights are dangerous!


Another lake, but cant be compared to any of the before. Boating, kayaking, zorbing are some of the activities being established there. Scenic beauty and charming surroundings leave spellbounded!

Visiting Nainital ensures that you completed a ‘to-do’, so come LET US GO TO!

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