Take the route less travelled on this vacation to Goa

If one loves to explore the untrodden path and hates being a follower, especially while on a vacation, then one must check out the amazingly hidden destinations on the next road trip to Goa. There is much more to Goa than the standard fare that is generally offered to any tourist who visits this magnificent holiday capital that the entire world is proud of. Goa is blessed with an abundance of sun and sand, but it goes much beyond this. Mesmerising waterfalls, serene rivers, national parks, caves and forts, Goa has it all.

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plan Dubai vacation on a low budget

How to plan Dubai vacation on a low budget?

Dubai, undoubtedly, is an all-time intriguing image on our minds comprised of an Arabic city of Sheikhs, jeep safari experiences of sand-dunes and high soaring skyscrapers. It does not even fail on the parameters of hosting the most interesting and engaging list of activities to be chased for. Apart from being the largest and most populous city in UAE, Dubai is also fast growing as a popular tourist destination, owing its popularity to the innovative and futuristic projects and attractions. The city is famous for its iconic masterpieces and Burj Khalifa which is the world’s tallest building. Attractions in Dubai are addictive and packed with fun and entertainment. And that’s why you need to plan an economical budget vacation to Dubai next to extract the most out of your vacation time.
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Scuba diving

Tips on Getting a Good Diving Instructor for your Next Scuba Diving

Some people go on trips without much preparation, and sometimes end up with a mere make-do attitude. If you are planning for a great vacation the next time, and intend to have a go at scuba diving the better way, follow these tips to get bigger bang for your buck.
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Top 10 places to see in Canada

Canada mixes both the great outdoors with charismatic towns and cities in this vast North American country. Some visit to party for a few days and others will book one of the Whistler cabin rentals and spend a family vacation in the mountains. Here are the top 10 places to see in Canada.
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Mount Abu

Mount Abu – An oasis in the desert

And then every place silently brags about the stories that were created on its territorial land. A famous personality who might had visited, a major historical event that had occurred, a miracle it had encountered or the birth of a legend it had seen.
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